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Highly profitable business with payback after 6 months

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Stylish and eye-catching

Bright designs, flashy colours, and fashionable designs serve to attract everybody's attention. This is the “island” a potential customer will definitely want to approach, take a photo, touch every tube and bottle and for sure buy something. This format stands out even among the largest shopping centres and guarantees customer attention.

Powerful pr-support

Each new island is part of the big and popular letique story. The creator and the face of the brand lera chekalina @ler_chek already has 9 million followers on Instagram. The official account of the @letique.cosmetics brand has more than 1.8 million followers. All these people will learn about the opening of your island!

Post and story about the opening of the island will be posted in the account @letique.cosmetics

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High profitability

Turnover of over
10 000 $ per month

Letique is a recognizable brand, and its popularity continues to grow. According to our statistics, if your island is located in a fairly large shopping centre with high traffic, it will quickly provide you with turnover of 10 000 $ per month.

No royalties

We release our partners from monthly royalties. You simply pay the letique franchise once and start making your profit. Letique is simple.

Payback after 6 months

The average turnover of letique “island” is 10 000 $ per month. This turnover will pay off your cost of opening a franchise in six months. Letique is profitable.

Business plan

High-quality products

High-quality products at a fair price

All letique products are manufactured to high quality standards and are thoroughly tested. We are confident in every product released under our brand and know that your customers will appreciate and like letique cosmetics.

Unique and working recipes

Letique products are designed and created on the basis of lera chekalina @ler_chek's personal recipes and under her control. We buy the best natural ingredients from europe to ensure impeccable quality and excellent results.

Not tested on animals

We advocate an ethical attitude towards animals! No one should suffer to make our products work. Therefore, all letique products are created without animal tests.

Thousands of satisfied product feedbacks


If you have questions or are interested in a business partnership, send a request and we will contact you promptly.

Investments From 29,500 $
First order 15,000 $
Franchise fee 2,500 $
Store cost 12,000 $
Royalties No
Return on investment 6 to 12 months
City for openning a store shall have the population Above 200 000 people
Location of the island Shopping center
Island area 8 m2
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