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1. May I apply the wrap during pregnancy or breastfeeding? What, if any, are the warnings for the wrap?
We carefully control the ingredients of our products, so there are no toxic or mutagenic components in either the cold or in the hot letique wraps. These data are confirmed by professional toxicological studies. But these products have a strong thermal effect, so they have contraindications.

During pregnancy, only the cold laminaria-mint wrap can be used in the second and third trimester. It is prohibited to use the wrap in the first trimester and the last month before childbirth. There are no warnings or negative effects in using the cold wrap during breastfeeding. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor on this matter, as the ingredients of the wraps include natural essential oils.

The hot wrap “cinnamon-orange” is not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
2. Which letique products can and which cannot be used if I have varicose veins and/or vascular disease?
When varicose veins don't use products with warming effect, namely hot wrap “cinnamon-orange”, anti-cellulite oil “grapefruit-ginger chili”, wrap “ intensive fat burning”, wrap “heat and cold” and wrap “lifting effect”. The rest of letique funds are ok.
3. Which products can be used together, and which cannot be combined?
All products can be perfectly combined with each other. But, for maximum effect, we recommend using the products in combination. Please find the best combinations on our website For example, the cold anti-cellulite complex consists of a “laminaria-mint” wrap and “coconut” scrub; one of the hair care sets “macadamia coconut” includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair mask.
4. Can the hot wrap cause an allergic reaction?
Any allergic reaction depends on individual intolerance. Our products do not belong to the “hypoallergenic” category, as we use natural plant extracts, essential oils, and cosmetic oils. In order to test your reaction to letique products, please first do a skin sensitivity test before use: apply a small amount of the product on the inside of the elbow. After 20 minutes, wipe off the remains of the product with a cloth and check whether there is a reaction after 24 and then 48 hours.
5. What are contraindications for the wrap?
Open injuries, high hypertension, thrombophlebitis, acute liver and kidney pathologies, oncology, fever, exacerbation of diseases, skin diseases; eczema, wet dermatitis; gynecological disorders; periods; acute inflammation of pelvic organs; endometriosis; varicose with defects of venous valves; neoplasms; severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Individual intolerance of components. (to test your reaction, before using the wrap, please perform a skin sensitivity test: apply a small amount of the product on the inside of the elbow. After 20 minutes, wipe off the remains of the product with a cloth and check whether there is a reaction after 24 and then 48 hours.)

During pregnancy, only the cold laminaria-mint wrap can be used in the second and third trimester. It is prohibited to use the wrap in the first trimester and the last month before childbirth. There are no warnings or negative effects in using the cold wrap during breastfeeding. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor on this matter to prevent any reactions on the part of the baby, as the product consists of natural essential oils.

The hot wrap “cinnamon-orange” is not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

We recommend that you consult your doctor before using the wraps, in order to determine the presence of hidden diseases and individual particularities of your body.
6. Are there any warnings or negative effects in using the anti-cellulite oil “grapefruit ginger chili”?
Yes, this product has a number of contraindications: individual intolerance of the components, as well as open skin injuries.

We recommend be cautious in using this product during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, as well as in the presence of varicose veins. Before you make a decision to use the anti-cellulite oil “grapefruit-ginger chili”, please consult your doctor.
7. Is it ok to apply the wraps after sports?
Yes, absolutely, there are no warnings or negative effects on this point. For maximum effect, we recommend using the cold wrap “laminaria mint” after working out. The hot wrap “cinnamon orange” is better for use before training, for warming up muscles and improving metabolic processes. Both wraps can be used during training as well.
8. May I train (work out) while using the wraps?
The wrap can be used before, during, and after working out. In fact, the wraps’ effects are enhanced when using during training.
9. Why does the cold wrap seem to burn rather than give a cooling effect?
There is menthol in the composition of the wrap, which, when it comes in contact with the skin, has a cooling effect on receptors, while, at the same time, giving a feeling of light burning, which increases blood and lymph flow.
10. What are the warnings in using the cold wrap?
Individual intolerance of the components; chronic diseases, use with caution in pregnancy and breastfeeding (consultation of an attending physician is required).
11. Should I finish the wrapping process by using a cream or can I apply an oil (for example, coconut oil)?
The wrap itself acts moisturizing on the skin, so this procedure does not require special after-care. However, as an additional hydration you can use both oil and body cream.
12. Shall I use a cooling cream after the hot wrap? Or is it ok just to take a cool shower and apply the usual nourishing body cream?
After the procedure, it will be enough just to take a shower, additional skin care is not required, as the composition of the wrap includes useful ingredients and natural oils.
13. Does the wrap help fight stretch marks?
The formation of stretch marks is a consequence of hypersecretion of cortisol (a hormone produced by the adrenal glands). This hormone causes the breakdown of elastin fibers of the skin. The wraps effectively fight small, fresh stretch marks and are also ideal for preventing the appearance of new stretch marks.
14. May I apply wrap on stretch marks on my breasts?
no, we do not recommend applying the wraps on the breasts. The breasts are a hormonal-dependent organs, and it is not recommended to apply any temperature-changing products on this part of the body. Letique wraps have strong warming (“cinnamon-orange”) and cooling (“laminaria-mint”) effect. Only creams and alginate masks with lifting effect, as well as scrubs, can be applied on the breasts.
15. What is the difference between using “scrub+ wrap” and “scrub+ oil”?
The scrub is used to cleanse and prepare the skin for wrap application. The oil is used to achieve maximum anti-cellulite effect in combination with the scrub and the wrap. To achieve the best results, we recommend using all three products in combination.
16. May I apply the wrap on my belly if I have an umbilical hernia?
In this instance, because each case is different, we recommend consulting your doctor before making this decision.
17. I read that wrapping makes no sense, because, supposedly, what we lose while using the wrap just comes right back after simply drinking a glass of water. Please advise.
This statement is incorrect. The wrap effect is not associated with the body's loss of liquid. The wrap's effect is different: the active component hotflux, which is part of letique wraps improves the skin and reduces fat deposits. It stimulates blood circulation, activates metabolism, promotes elimination of toxins from cells and intercellular space, while compacting and strengthening tissues, thereby shaping your forms. That is why the wrap is able to fight problems such as cellulite and stretch marks.
18. Anti-cellulite oil can be used only in combination with the hot wrap?
The components included in the anti-cellulite oil and the hot wrap complement each other's action, so the effect is enhanced. However, these products can be used separately.
19. How does the wrap work against cellulite, how does it affect the skin, and with what effect exactly?
Letique wraps include an innovative hotflux warming complex that stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, which promotes the removal of toxins from cells and intercellular space. It activates lymph flow, and compacts and strengthens tissues, thereby modelling shapes. As a result of the procedure, the process of the active substances’ penetration into the epidermis is accelerated and the care components effectively contribute to the elimination of toxins, debris and excess fluid, so that the skin becomes more even and elastic. Essential oils of orange and cinnamon tone and refresh the skin.

Face care

1. Usually, if I use serum, I use it as part of a short-term regimen, because the serum has a very concentrated composition. The letique serum says it is suitable for daily use. So, does that mean that the letique serum can be used permanently and for a long time, if it suits the skin? Or is it better to take breaks between uses? If I use the cleansing gel and the serum, do I need the tonic?
The composition of letique serum is really rich in active ingredients, which is why the dosage of the product is only 2-3 drops on the face and neck area per use. However, our product does not contain addictive substances, so there are no restrictions for daily use. In addition, thanks to the correct composition, you can safely use the serum both in summer and in winter.

For maximum results, we recommend using the serum in courses. Apply the serum twice a day on thoroughly cleansed face and neck for two months, and then take a two-month break.

The tonic can be used as an additional skin care. Apply it on the face after the cleansing gel (or other cleansing agent) to complete the process of cleansing the skin of impurities. However, when using the right cleaning agents (cleansing gel/hydrophilic oil, etc.), this stage is not a must for preparing the skin for the application of concentrate (serum).

The use of the cream after the serum is a desirable, but not a must as well. The cream provides the skin with additional hydration (serum and cream enhance the effect of each other), and also protects it from the negative impact of the environment, creating a protective barrier on the skin.
2. How do I use a film-mask?
Before applying the film-mask, you should thoroughly clean the skin of impurities, use cleansing gel. Then it is recommended to wipe the face with cosmetic oil. The oil will be a kind of foundation that nourishes and protects the skin from various microdamages that might occur when removing the film-mask. Next step: apply the film-mask. After the procedure, it is recommended to use serum and cream to moisturize the skin and prevent its drying.
3. Is there a minimum age requirement for using the lifting serum?
The lifting serum is recommended for use after the age of 20 (to prevent premature aging of the facial skin).
4. Can I use the film-mask without the lifting serum?
We don’t prohibit this way of using our products. However, after using the film-mask, the skin will need to be moisturized, so it is still advisable to use a serum or cream to protect the epidermis from over-drying.
5. May I alternate using the “tropical morning” cleansing gel by helenyes and the “lotus aloe vera” cleansing gel?
Yes, absolutely, because the functional effect of these gels is different.
6. Does the serum by helenyes remove greasy shine? Does it reduce sebum production by the skin?
The serum is designed to combat skin breakouts, prevent acne, including to reduce sebum production and reduce fatty shine of the face.

Hair care

1. Are the shampoo, conditioner, and mask suitable for coloured hair? Does the conditioner weigh down oily hair? How to use them together with gel scrub, hair oil and spray (christie line)?
The hair care line is also suitable for coloured hair.

Use the hair oil once a week for additional nourishment and hydration of hair.

We recommend using the keratin spray after shampooing and conditioning, as well as after applying a hair mask, to protect the hair from moisture loss.

The scalp gel scrub is better to use once a week for deep cleansing of the scalp.
2. What is the right application of the gel scrub, hair oil and spray by christie? Sequence, frequency of use.
Use the gel scrub and the hair growth oil once a week.

The keratin spray is suitable for daily use. Use it as the final stage of your hair care after shampooing and conditioner, as well as after applying a hair mask to protect the hair from moisture loss.

Body care

1. Are the body creams 100% natural?
No cream can consist only of oils, vitamins and extracts: its composition will always include some type of structure-forming substances and preservatives. Therefore, no cream can be called 100% natural.
2. How do I properly care for a dry massage brush?
The body of the brush cannot be wet! Rub with a damp (not wet, namely slightly damp) cloth and then lay the brush to dry (do not dry on radiators or under direct sunlight). The bristles of the brush can get wet and be washed, but do not allow moisture to touch the body of the brush. Alternatively, you might consider preparing a soap solution. In the horizontal position, lower the brush bristles by 1-1.5 cm into this solution. Then, keeping the same position, lower them into clean water. Then gently wipe with a dry cloth. Leave the brush to fully dry with the bristles face down! Do not store the brush in rooms with high humidity
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